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Hey guys,

So, I was finally getting ready to put all my ducks in a row, and at least get some preliminary work done on the last chapter for this section of "Beyond the Laughing Sky."  I really should have known better, because of course that would be when life decided to throw me a curveball.

The long and short of it is, I'm moving.  And we have to be packed and out by the beginning of June.  Still, I thought, when this all began in April, that gives me a few days window before the insanity of packing starts.  Which meant of course those days I wasn't around, because we had to have the house tented for termites.  

Look, my point is, I simply don't have the time to get out the chapter when I want to.  And even when we do move, I'll be losing my office and the computer will be in the main room.  And I have never been able to write with anyone else in the room, it's just how I am.  So I'll have to snatch some alone time somewhere, or you guys will have to wait until I can afford to get a laptop.  Which will take a while.

So yeah, that's the story right now.  I just didn't want to keep you all wondering where the heck I'd gone to, since I'm at least usually good about keeping your all updated.

In other news, this lovely fellow :iconschizopurplia: has made a recording of my poem "Hello, Alice girl" which can be found here:…  And yes, he did do the right thing and ask my permission first.  Honestly, I'm usually willing to let people post it elsewhere or do something with it, as long as you follow the rules: Ask my permission first, make sure I am credited, and that it can't be anything you would make money off of.  Anyway, go give it a listen, it's really neat to hear it spoken aloud.

Also also, putting my two "do stuff on these sites and get stuff" websites.  I actually was able to get a large enough Amazon gift card to get myself a Kindle!  Now I just need to get more gift cards so I can afford to put books on it *laughs* Anyway, Swagbucks is a site where you can do surveys and watch videos and such to earn points and get cool stuff,  and if you register for it using the link below, I get matching points every time -you- get points using their search engine.  It's the one I used to get my Kindle.  The other one, Gifthulk,  I recommend highly if you're looking for some quick e-gift cards.  I've been earning $5.00 Amazon ones in relatively little time, usually a week, maybe two.…  <------------ Swagbucks referral link…  <--------- Gifthulk referral link

Btw, you have to go through those particular links to sign up under me.  If any of you do decide to, let me know, eh?  So I can keep track of when you should show up on my referral page(s) because I've had issues with that in the past.
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May 3, 2013


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